Main Items Clothes
Rucksack 65 to 80 litres Good Pair Walking Boots
Sleeping Bag to 0ºC light shoes/flip-flops evening/camp
Insulation Mat and strap 3 socks
3 or 4 waterproof bags/stuff sacks 3 smalls
Utility 3 tea shirts & 1 long-sleeved shirt
Compass (MV & DR) long trousers walking
Whistle Short trousers walking
Paper/pen sun hat also used to keep warm if cold
Toilet Roll waterproof over trousers
Handkerchief waterproof coat
Phone optional fleece jacket
Camera optional (DR) Hygiene
Wallet/Money Small Towel
Credit Card Normal Toiletries
Spare Boot Laces First Aid
Small Torch Pain Killers
Eating Plasters/Mole Skins
Plate/Bowl Antiseptic cream/Iodine
Cup Scissors
Knife Insect Repellent
Spoon Sun Cream
Fork Sewing kit
Water Bottle survival sack (MV)
Utility Knife Any Personal Medication

Shared Items
Quartermaster To Co-Ordinate

Items Used & Carried Source
Tent 1 normally Inner/Outer/Pegs and Poles Dave Rogers
Mike Venables
Martin Turner
Martin Turner
Tent 2 ?    
Tent 3 ?    
Cooking Stove, Fuel and Pot 1 MT including windshield Martin Turner Martin Turner
Cooking Stove, Fuel and Pot 2 ?    
Tea/Coffee/Sugar/Salt/Dried Milk/Oil 1 Mike Venables Mike Venables
Tea/Coffee/Sugar/Salt/Dried Milk/Oil 2 ?    
Food Reserves, Pasta, Soup, Cubes, Rice etc 1 Dave Rogers Dave Rogers
Food Reserves, Pasta, Soup, Cubes, Rice etc 2 ?    
Maps Mike Venables
Graham Kentish
Mike Venables
Graham Kentish