Main Items Clothes
Daysack about 25 litres Good Pair Walking Boots
Sleeping Bag to 10ºC Light shoes/flip-flops evening/camp
Sticks, if required 3 socks
Utility 3 smalls
Toilet roll 3 tea shirts & 1 long-sleeved shirt
Compass Long trousers walking
Whistle Short trousers walking
Paper & pen Sun/rain hat also used to keep warm if cold
Toilet Roll Waterproof over trousers
Handkerchief Waterproof coat/anorak
Phone optional Fleece jacket or jumper
Camera optional (DR) Hygiene
Wallet/Money Small Towel
Credit Card Normal Toiletries
Spare Boot Laces First Aid
Small Torch Pain Killers
Eating Plasters/Mole Skins/Compede
Plate/Bowl Antiseptic cream/Iodine
Cup Scissors
Knife Insect Repellent
Spoon Sun Cream
Fork Sewing kit
Water Bottle Survival sack (MV and DR)
Utility Knife Any Personal Medication
Shared Items
Item Source
Survival sacks Dave Rogers
Mike Venables
Medical kits Mike Venables
Martin Turner
OS Maps (OL12 & OL13) Graham Kentish
Mike Venables