Wednesday 11th Depart city airport at 16:05 flight BE112 Arrive Ronaldsway at 17:20
Date Journey Mileage Overnight stop Type Cost Comment
Wednesday 11th Ronaldsway to Castletown 5 Francorchamps guest house B & B £25 2 miles west of Castletown
Thursday 12th Castletown to Port Erin 13 Unknown Unknown £?? Cliffs, scenic
Friday 13th Port Erin to Peel, over high ground 15 Derby Road Campsite Camp £4 Hard day
Saturday 14th Peel to Kirk Michael 7 Glen Wyllin Campsite Camp £4 Easy day
Sunday 15th Kirk Michael to Ramsey 11 Thorncliffe Guest House B & B £21 Lowland
Monday 16th Ramsey to Laxey 13 Quarry Road Campsite Camp £5  
Tuesday 17th Laxey to Douglas 11 Nobles Park Campsite Camp £5  
Wednesday 18th Douglas to Ronaldsway 13       Train Option
Totals   88     £100  
Wednesday 18th Depart Ronaldsway 13:45 flight BE111 Arrive City Airport at 15:00

This route covers the best part of the coastline and only misses the flat bit at the North end of the Island. We discussed the 2 options anticlockwise or clockwise and this was the chosen direction (clockwise). It gives us better options for returning to the Airport other than walking, and the rest days were thrown out, as we are only there 7 days.

It is not cast in stone and will likely change whilst we are there, but it is a start. The hard day is where the changes will probably come, but we will cross that bridge or as we say catch that bus, on the day.