Les Wallace Work commitments
Aidy (Les’ son in law) Unfortunate late problem
Graham Kentish Preparing for son's wedding
Martin Turner Working in India


All money, including most of whip used for ferry and accommodation (A £50 damage deposit included)

Bunkhouse Booked for 29th September to 4th October.

Ferry Booked for 3 Cars & 14 People
(Tickets held my Mike Venables)

Two walkings groups: Easy, and Relaxed.


For bunkhouse

Day List

Travel Timetable


Item Detail
Place Billericay Methodist church car park
Time Thursday, 29th September 2005 @ 05:00 am
To avoid delays at Birmingham and Thurwell Viaduct
Breakfast Cumbria, Penrith 9:30’ish
Lunch/evening meal Ardrossan or as required
Ferry Ardrossan to Brodick
Last check in 17:30
Depart 18:00
Arrive 18:55
Pick up key 19:10
Arrive bunkhouse 19:30


Item Detail
Place Brodick
Time Tuesday, 4th October 2005 @ 09:30 am
Drop off keys 10:00
Ferry Brodick to Ardrossan
Last check in 10:35
Depart 11:05
Arrive 12:00
Lunch/evening meal As required
Arrive Billericay Late!

Approximate costs

Item Amount
Ferry and Accommodation £60
Fuel £55
Food £50
General expenses £60
Already paid - £60
Balance £ 165

Next Meeting

Monday, 19 September 2005 @ 8:00pm

Coach & Horses, Billericay