All tent groups

Man 1 Man 2 Man 3
Outer Tent
Usually the lightest part
Pegs and Poles
I\ner Tent and ground sheet
Usually the heaviest part
Cooking equipment:
  1. Cooking Stove (single burner)
  2. Fuel
  3. Wind guard
  4. Large single cooking pot
  5. Lid/frying pan
  6. Cleaning materials
Spare food:
  1. Large packet of pasta
  2. 2 packet soups
  3. 1 pack of savoury rice
  4. 2 Oxo cubes
  5. 2 pasta cubes
  6. Other items as required
Everday essentials:
  1. Tea bags for 12
  2. Coffee enough for 30 cups
  3. Sugar enough for 30 cups
  4. Bottle of dried milk powder
  5. Small container of cooking oil
  6. Salt and pepper
All items should be contained in waterproof and bash-proof containers.

Graham and John A because you are just two people sharing a tent, you are relieved of some of the additional items as already agreed.

Special Items

Maps Mike Venables
Another person
First-Aid kit Martin Turner
Mike Venables
Survival bag
Coastguard helicopter
Mike Venables