Thursday, 28th June to Tuesday, 3rd July

16 blokes

  2 bunkhouses, 1 caravan and 1 tent

  4 cars

Berrow House, Hollybush, Ledbury , HR8 1ET

   Accommodation    Spaces
   The Fold    Bunks for 4 + Cooking
   The Bunkhouse    Bunks for 8 + Cooking
   The Nook    Caravan for 3
   Camping Field    Own tents


   Meal    Chef
   Breakfast    David Fillery
   Lunch    Sandwiches or pub
   Supper    Mike Venables
   Skivvies    Everyone else

"A" and "B" walks for all capabilities

Estimated Costs

Accommodation £50
Food £30
Petrol £25
Drinks & Snacks £??


2 copies of each would be useful.

General Meeting

Kings Head, Stock Road at 7:30pm on Friday 15thJune.