Thursday, 1st October to Tuesday, 6th October

Thorpe Farm Bunk-house, Hathersage, Derbyshire

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Peter Goodyear   Driver
Ian Carpenter  
Martin Turner  
John Anderson   (If starting from Billericay)
Roger Finch   Driver
David Dael  
John Stephenson  
Mike Venables   Driver
Colin Morton  
Dave Rogers  
Colin Watkins   Driver
David Fillery   (Travel method undecided)

Estimated Costs

£125 to £175 per person

Deposit: £60


Scribe   John Stephenson
Photographer   John Anderson
Photographer   Roger Finch


Depart   Billericay, 9:00am Thurday, 1st October
Lunch   Greasy Spoon transport cafe (MV)
Arrive   2:00pm Thorpe Farm, Hathersage
Local Walk   About 2 hours

General Meeting

Monday, 1st September at 8.00pm
Coach and Horses, Billericay.