Please upload your material to :-

OneDrive OneDrive
Dropbox DropBox
You need to register to use it. Ask Martin Turner for an invitation.
Direct upload
Allows one file at a time. Ask Martin Turner for the password.
Secure File Transfer Protocol
Host address  
Port 2222  
User-name User-name Ask Martin Turner for User-name
Password Password Ask Martin Turner for Password
You will find a folder called   Put_your_stuff_in_here   wherein you should put your stuff!
Snail-mail Martin Turner
128 Western Road
CM12 9JH
Anonymous File Transfer Protocol
You should be able to drag files from your Windows Explorer (File Explorer) and drop them into the FTP window.
  1. Open Windows Explorer by typing the Windows and E keys together ÿ E

  2. Copy into the Address Bar

  3. Press the Enter/Return key

Windows Explorer will open the FTP window

You can then simply drag and drop from your PC directly into the FTP window. Simple!

Alternatively, if you want to go via Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on  hyperlink

  2. Press Alt

  3. Click View

  4. Click Open FTP Site in File Explorer

After loading the FTP site in Internet Explorer, click Page from the command bar, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.